Open-concept spaces have become popular over the years, and while there are benefits, there are also challenges when it comes to design. When designing these spaces, it is important to create separate zones, yet also build a connection between them. Here are our top ways to achieve this harmony:


Use rugs to define spaces.


An open-concept space needs to be grounded with area rugs forming delineated seating groups or zones which can also flow and speak to each other.


Choose a consistent color palette. 


These areas will be considered as one whole, so it’s critical to make sure all your design elements work well together. Keeping a consistent color scheme throughout is the easiest way to do this. Do this by repeating pillow fabrics and color palettes in each seating area for continuity and cohesiveness.


Keep the space open. 


It is crucial to be strategic with furniture placement.  When planning out your space, allow enough empty space for people to easily move between each area. Not only will this make the room significantly more usable, but it will give the eye a chance to rest and refocus between each grouping.