Determine Size & Shape

First, it is important to determine the size and shape you will need to properly fit the space. Solar radiation can dramatically change the temperatures of an object that it hits, heating it far above the actual air temperature. The proper shade over your dining or seating areas can reduce the temperature up to 20%. A sweltering 95° can become a comfortable 80° with the proper shade!

Support with the Proper Base

Second, you will want to give your umbrella plenty of support with a sturdy base. Umbrella bases are the perfect finishing touch to support your umbrella. We have several styles that are available for residential or commercial use and offered in several weights and finishes.

Protect Your Umbrella

Patio umbrella covers keep your umbrella protected from sun, rain, pollen, wind and dust.  Sunbrella and outdoor fabrics are great and have come a long way but they will last a lot longer if they are protected. Covers keep your umbrella snug and dry, which keep them clean and free from mold and mildew. An important tip: If your umbrella does get wet, make sure that it is completely dry before you place your cover over it to avoid mold and mildew. 

Secure Your Umbrella

Umbrellas that are not properly secured can blow away or topple over with strong gust of wind causing damage to your furniture or property.  If you want to make sure your umbrella stays firmly in place this spring/summer, find the right umbrella base and make sure your umbrella is properly tied down and secured.

Have Fun!

Turn any umbrella into its very own entertainment system with lights and Bluetooth ® speakers - the perfect complement to your outdoor entertainment space. With a quality umbrella you will be able to extend your time and comfort relaxing with family and friends outdoors.