Your Guide to Father's Day 2018

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

Don t let Father s Day sneak up on you this year! With the kids out of school and summer activities in full swing, it can be easy to forget about the third Sunday in June, but we ve got you covered. Here are some ideas to let the most important man in your life know what he really means to you!

Take Him on an Adventure

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

When life gets busy, we tend to forget to spend time with the most important people in our lives. Plan a day with Dad this Father s Day! Take him on a hike, to the bowling alley, out on the lake or golfing. Think about what your Dad loves, and make an effort to plan an activity with him this year.

A DIY He ll Never Forget

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

Gifts can be expensive, but there s nothing better than a homemade gift! Make something from the heart that Dad will cherish for years to come. There are so many great DIY sites online that will help you get ideas for Father s Day crafts.

Check out these to get you started!

Cook His Favorite Meal

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

We can all agree that there s nothing better than a full belly of our favorite meal. Recreate his favorite restaurant meal or bring him breakfast in bed! Whether it s sweet or savory, Dad will definitely appreciate a good home cooked meal.

Think of His Favorite Hobbies

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

If your Dad is like most, he isn t easy to shop for. His gift may require a little more thought, but that s okay! Think about what he likes to do on the weekends or when he has free time. Does he love golf, fishing or sports? Make him a gift basket of his favorite things!

Give Him Something Practical

Your Guide to Fatherís Day 2018

Dads are simple people. Maybe all he needs is a new power tool or new pair of socks. You can never go wrong with a practical gift! Is his favorite chair looking a little worn? Come check out our collection of recliners or shop them here on our site.